Why You Might Want to Switch to a Google Pixel 4 Instead of Huawei P30

The allure of Google Pixel devices has always been the clean android platform and the camera. Though it only sports 1 camera when most modern devices are sporting 2-4 cameras, the Single lens Pixel can still stand strong against the likes of Huawei, Apple and Samsung. With many reviewers still sticking to the Google Pixel due to its camera AI prowess and software. These two has always been the pillar of strong-suit for Google Pixel devices and it looks like its going to continue its dominance once more in 2019.

Just earlier today at Google IO Developer Conference, Google announced the budget Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL. The Mid tier phone is impressive on its own but this is not what we are buzzing about. Its about the next generation of Google Assistant that is set to hit the new Pixel 4 devices coming out later this year.

New Improved Google Assistant

Google Assistant is already on 1 billion devices. While Google Assistant is already leaps and bounds ahead of Siri and Alexa in every way possible, it is set to get even faster… blazing fast in fact. Google managed migrate the speech processing from its servers to your phone locally. What used to be 100GB of processing power has shrank to 0.5GB on your phone’s storage. While that means it takes up some storage space on your phone, it also means that many functions once only available with a data network connection is now available offline. Commands such as “switch on the flash light” “Open spotify” “call Amy” no longer requires a data connection in order to carry out the function. In addition to this, Google announced that the assistant can now process answers and commands 10 times faster.

How does this affect me?

While I use voice commands periodically, it does not match the speed of me picking up my phone to dial a number or to open an app. However, with the new changes, it seems as though using Google assistant is about to get a whole lot faster and efficient. In addition, Google Assistant is able to find context in your commands, which means you can initiate a conversation and multitask through various apps to get your tasks done. Theres also a video below on how fast these commands are recognised and executed. Its even faster than doing it manually. That said, it will be interesting to see when this update arrives to other countries other than United States. The accent such as the Singaporean accent is already hard to decipher for many platforms such as Siri and Google only managed to bring the Singaporean version back in 2018.


With such advancement of Google Assistant, it is likely Google’s plans are to monetise Assistant in some ways or another. Many experts have already seen growing usage and the advancement is quite clear that Assistant will be used for search instead of conventional means such as through Google search. With the success of Amazon’s Alexa, it won’t be a surprise if Google comes up with their own improved speaker to rival that of Amazon. Google has already monetised Google My Business and it won’t be surprising to see Google Assistant follow suit in the years to come

Google Pixel 4

The updates in Google assistant is already getting me excited for the upcoming Pixel 4. And with the amount of investment Google is pouring into its hardware, its no surprise that the upcoming Pixel 4 is going to be one of the best phones you can get your hands on in 2019. What features and functions are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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