Google Ads Marketing

Demonstrate your mastery of building and optimizing Google Search campaigns. Certified users will exhibit the ability to leverage automated solutions like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to boost campaign performance for specific marketing objectives.

Fundamentals Of Google Search Advertising 
Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, lecture, case studies)

▷ How to Advertise on Google Search (SEM)
▷ Why Google Search Ads?
▷ How Google Ads Search bidding auction works
▷ What is Ad Rank, and how to calculate it?
▷ Structure of a Google Ads account, Search Campaign and Ad Group

Google Ads Search Advertising Campaign Setup

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, lecture, demonstration and modelling, group discussion, group presentation, hands-on practical)

▷ Creating a Google Ads account
▷ Exploring the Google Ads account interface
▷ Creating a Search Ads (SEM) campaign
▷ Location targeting options
▷ Reaching the right search audiences
▷ Bidding and budgeting strategies
▷ Keyword targeting and match types modifiers
▷ How to write compelling text ads
▷ Creating search ad extensions
▷ Conducting keyword research with Google Keyword planner
▷ Adding negative keywords
▷ Previewing search ads

Google ads Search Advertising Optimization

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, lecture, case studies, hands-on practical)

▷ Setting up conversion tracking
▷ Understanding your search advertising goals
▷ Important search advertising metrics to measure and optimize
▷ Boosting search ads performance with optimization score
▷ Increasing conversions with Performance Planner


1 free refresher seat within 1 year after the course
Seats are non-participatory. Participatory seats are subject to availability.


Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


Gain lifetime access to up-to-date online resources for the course attended

Who’s This Course For?

  • Seasoned marketing professionals.
  • Business managers interested in the economics of the internet.
  • Leaders who work in advertising, sales, business development, and strategy.
  • Professionals who need to adapt as their organisations embrace digital marketing.
  • Participants come from a wide range of industries, including retail, telecommunications, hospitality, global shipping, technology, automotive, manufacturing, and others.

What you would get end of the course?

  • Translate a vision for online marketing into a coherent digital marketing strategy
  • Develop a Google Search strategy with wider company marketing plans
  • Generate a plan to increase leads, sales or web traffic using Google Search
  • Develop a plan to reach new and existing customers with Google Search Audiences
  • Ensure your Search marketing plan is aligned with your digital marketing budget

Investment Amount

$2500 USD

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Trainer Profile

Alson Toh is currently a partner at Proximacy LLP, which manages clients from different industries , developing sales funnel and creating
conversions for Proximacy clients. Proximacy LLP, is on track to be the
youngest Google Partner agency in Singapore.
Before Proximacy was started , Alson was with America Express
Singapore performing Digital Acquisition to drive credit card sales through the online channel.

Alson holds a B.A (Honours) in Business (Marketing) from Nanyang
Technological University.