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Using Google My Business to get more visitors

To achieve visitors that are looking for your service and products, it is important to use location based services to complement your website. With Google’s location based tracking, there is no better time to utilise Google’s free tools to support your business. Google My Business is one of the many tools that you can use to give your website meaningful data for you to analyse. Check out this list for a full list of Google tools available.

Google My Business helps you by placing a listing based on your location. Your business then shows up when users browse through Google Maps or in Google search when it gets triggered by associated keywords. The amazing thing about Google My Business is the amount of information you can put in order to attract users to click and even visit your website.

As a basic form, here are the fields that you can put in to add value to your website:

  • Pictures of your services or products
  • Opening and closing hours
  • contact number
  • email and website details
  • reviews from customers or users
  • You can even create 360 photos or videos to give visitors a feel of what your place looks like.

Google My Business

Google My Business has also been said to have an impact on Search Engine Optimisation. The more reviews and details you place on the site, the more effective your SEO will be. The reason behind this is because if more people are willing to upload photos, videos and comments to review your business, Google sees it as a signal that your website is reputable. Thus giving you a better URL rating. Find out how you can improve your SEO by other methods.

These reviews and comments are also a good avenue for you to receive critical feedback to improve your business and to communicate directly with your users.


Google My Business is also integrated with analytics which means you get a good understanding of how many visitors are looking at your site and interacting with the details provided.

User Interface

What if I do not have a Website?

Google My Business provides a free tool to create a simple website to display basic information about your business. You can literally drag and drop pictures and pull information from your listing to the simple site. While it should not be used as standalone resource, it can still provide visitors with a pleasant experience, providing them information about the products and services offered.

Creating a simple site using Google My Business



Google My Business is a great tool especially if you want to secure customers using Google Maps or Google searches, It is best used in conjunction with a well updated website and supported with some of Google’s tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.


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