SEO Mythbusters by Google Webmasters

The art of SEO has always been a grey area for the entire SEO community. Not much information is available on Google about what the search engine sees as positive SEO and negative SEO except for the Google Webmaster Guidelines. These guidelines are so vague that it is difficult to decipher what really works. However, it looks like we are about to get more information from Google themselves who just released a video on their YouTube Channel about an upcoming series on demystifying SEO.

Google Webmaster SEO Mythbusting

From the looks of the trailer, it seems as though its going to tackle a lot of the grey hat SEO techniques and also touch a little more on the essential items to take note of from a technical SEO standpoint as well as navigation. Hopefully with this, the whole community will have a better idea on what to look out for and finally not get so many misconstrued information that it becomes a near impossible task to identify what works and what doesn’t.

From the video we can roughly tell this is what the topics are going to cover

  • Technical SEO – Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Google Bot and crawling
  • Top 3 things to take note of for SEO
  • SEO for Applications and website
  • Navigation on your website
  • How to conduct a proper SEO audit with your developer and SEOs

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