Advance Facebook Advertising Core Competencies Course

Create Impactful Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Measure, Optimise, and Improve Your Facebook Advertising ROI.

Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

▷ Overview of FB social media platform
▷ Market penetration potential of Facebook in the local context
▷ The current & future Facebook ecosystem
▷ Differences of FB advertising as compared to other marketing channels
▷ How to do identity and streamline your target customers on Facebook via Audience Insights
▷ Defining people based marketing – Core Audiences, Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences

Setting up facebook marketing assets

(Facebook Page, Business manager, Facebook Ads)▷ Creation of a Facebook Page for their company/brand
▷ Populating the Facebook Page with the user’s key messages and branding assets
▷ Optimizing of the Facebook Page for greater discoverability
▷ Setting up of a Facebook Business Manager
▷ Creating Facebook advertising accounts and delegating access to stakeholders
▷ Enabling of Facebook advertising Pixel and installing of the pixel on the organization’s digital assets
▷ Anatomy of Facebook advertising campaign structure (Campaign, Adset, Ad levels)

Develop & Excute Facebook Advertising Strategy

Core audiences (targeting via locations, age, gender, languages, interests and other digital parameters captured from Facebook)
Custom audiences (targeting via customer file, website traffic, app activity, offline activity and engagement)
Lookalike audiences (expanding similar audiences based on a set of audiences that is defined by the business)
Understanding the advantages & disadvantages of the different audiences
Guided creation of audiences
Placements of ad creatives on Facebook & Instagram
Scheduling and budgeting

Facebook Analytics , Reporting, and Optimisation.

▷ Highlighting the different marketing objectives that are available on the FB advertising platform
▷ Understanding the pros & cons of each objective and how they are to be used effectively
▷ Suggestions on Improving relevancy score to get lower CPCs & CPMs
▷ Essential Facebook Advertising metrics to track and measure
▷ Best practices for design creatives & copyrighting

Advance Course Outline

With retargeting for dynamic ads, you can remind people about the products they’ve browsed on your website, mobile app, Marketplace, instant checkout, or IG shopping but didn’t purchase. When you retarget people with dynamic ads, people automatically see the products or similar products to what they saw previously.

  • 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads
  • Retargeted ads on Facebook are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads
  • If you leverage retargeting along with other channels, you can sell 50% more

If that’s not enough to convince you to add retargeting into the mix, I don’t know what is. Let Proximacy show you how re-targetting can be applied easily.

Facebook Re-targeting 

  • How to retarget on Facebook
  • How to use a third-party retargeting platform
  • Overview of Facebook Marketing Partners

Advanced Advertising Tips

  • A/B testing on Facebook
  • Lead generation techniques


1 free refresher seat within 1 year after the course
Seats are non-participatory. Participatory seats are subject to availability.


Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


Gain lifetime access to up-to-date online resources for the course attended

Who’s This Course For?

  • Experienced traditional marketers who come from corporate communications or non-digital backgrounds, seeking to round-out their marketing mindset by learning the latest digital methods and gaining a big picture perspective. Titles may include CMO, marketing director, marketing manager, brand manager, account manager, communications manager and product manager.
  • Non-marketing leaders who seek a holistic view of the latest marketing trends and strategies for building customer loyalty as a pathway to growth. Titles may include CEO, COO, managing director, founder, president and general manager.
  • Early-career marketers who are digital natives and may have experience with some components of the marketing mix but seek to build broader capabilities for their career growth. Titles may include marketing coordinator, marketing specialist, marketing analyst and PPC/SEO/content specialist.
  • Professionals from a non-marketing field making a horizontal move into marketing, such as product development, human resources, operations, finance and customer service.

What you would get end of the course?

-27 Modules breakdown to ensure at the end of the 3 days course you are able to create ads, optimise and do A/B Testing .

-Participants will graduate and be able to execute ads confidently.

Investment Amount

$2990 USD

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Trainer Profile

Alson Toh is currently a partner at Proximacy LLP, which manages clients from different industries , developing sales funnel and creating
conversions for Proximacy clients. Proximacy LLP, is on track to be the
youngest Google Partner agency in Singapore.
Before Proximacy was started , Alson was with America Express
Singapore performing Digital Acquisition to drive credit card sales through the online channel.

Alson holds a B.A (Honours) in Business (Marketing) from Nanyang
Technological University.