It’s amazing how Covid-19 situation changed the way we worked.  Within a few days we are all now forced to WFH.

This has surely affected all of us, it has also made us to incur expenses during this period of time where by sales has fallen for majority of us.

There’s a release by IMDA x Enterprise Singapore that enables us business owners to tap on a potential grant paying for 80% of the laptops with online collaborations tools.

It can be found at “SMEs Go Digital Programme”

Based on what i see so far the specs are minimally i5 , basic enough to get the word documents done but not the best for graphics and motion works.

$425.28 (based on 20% of $$2,126.40) for an i5 laptop is still a really good initiative since it covers 3 employees per company.

We have already inquired to check the available laptops and will update when the exact model comes out, as a quick google search shows different models of the Lenovo S340. I wonder would they be bringing in Mac for the mac users.

Links to M1 or Singtel.

In this period of time we would be sharing more of the government grants and how we can overcome this period together.
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Amidst the recent COVID-19 circuit breaker measures, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have incorporated telecommuting arrangements to keep staff safe. To better support SMEs in ensuring business continuity during this exceptional period, IMDA and ESG have pre-approved two laptop-bundled remote working solutions by M1 and Singtel, under the SMEs Go Digital programme. As the enhancements to PSG are intended to help businesses through this challenging period, eligible SMEs will receive support for up to three (3) laptops and online collaboration tools (e.g. Office 365) within each package.