Search Engine Optimisation Workshop: 26 April 2019

Proximacy completed a 1- full day workshop for our two participants. Our participants came from a local consulting firm. They regularly advice Large SMEs as well as MNCs on their website and marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Proximacy regularly conducts mini workshops for local businesses and agencies who want to level up their consultants on the latest Search Engine Optimisation Techniques. This workshop aims to hone our participant’s knowledge on the latest Search Engine Optimisation methods through the use of technical, onsite and offsite SEO.

SEO workshop

Brief on course materials

Through the workshop, we went through a introduction about the following topics

  1. Introduction of SEO
  2. Search Engine Basics
  3. Google and its ever changing algorithms
  4. keyword research
  5. onsite SEO
  6. offsite SEO
  7. technical SEO
  8. tools for greater aid

The key highlight of the event was to create a keyword campaign with free tools such as Google ads and to also identify buying keywords that businesses can use for their SEO/Google Ads campaign.

The workshop also went through the basics of using Google’s own products such as Google My Business as well as Search console to bring more value to their websites.

If you would like to organise a similar workshop for your business or would like us to do an analysis on your website, do contact us.



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