A website without any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done is like having a store front in the middle of the sea. There is no way for any visitor to find the site unless the visitor types in the exact address for the website. The most frustrating for any business owner is to invest thousands on a well designed website but with no visitors to convert them into customers.

don’t think anyone is ever going to visit this place.

What is SEO?


So what is SEO? SEO is a set of steps you take to optimise your website so that it can be found on Google when searching for specific queries. To make things as simple as possible, the reason why the website is at the top of your Google search is because the website has taken conscious steps to make their website more visible for certain keywords.

Websites are at the top position because they did SEO for their site.

Is SEO Suitable For My Business?


Just as a website in the 21st century is a must for any business for credibility, SEO is relevant for all businesses. With SEO done on your website, you will be able to generate the TARGETED traffic needed to convert them into customers. You might be wondering why I’ve bolded the words targeted traffic. SEO is very unique because unlike other forms of advertising, SEO gives you the customers that are looking for your product.


However, competition in any industry is competitive and if you are not in the top places of Google, chances are you are not utilising the full potential of your website.

A research was also done to study the behaviour of all Google searches and it was concluded that unless you are in the top 3 of the SERPS, chances are your website will not be visited.

How Do I Optimise My Site?

Every SEO agency has different methods to rank websites but everyone will agree that there are two broad categories you can use

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite optimisation is tweeking your website internally to help it get “noticed” by Google, This means the following:

  • Adding Title Tags
  • description tags
  • meta tag
  • content
  • in-page linking
  • speed optimisation
  • SEO friendly content

Offsite Optimisation

Offsite optimisation as the name implies means steps you take externally to help give Google signals that your website is a relevant site and thus rank you higher. There are several methods that you can use but not limited to:

  • directory links
  • comment links
  • video links
  • article directory links
  • profile links
  • partnerships with relevant websites
  • link building

How Does Proximacy.sg Help?

At Proximacy.sg, we have over a decade of experience in ranking websites in various niches, from weight loss, tentage rentals, insurance quotation, properties. We strongly believe that SEO can be the winning factor to bring your business to a different height. By engaging our services, we promise to treat your website like our own. You might ask why do we do that? The answer is simply because we believe SEO is like an investment, if you already trust us with your money, we will do our outmost best to multiply that effect to generate leads and ultimately profit for your business. And of course ultimately to stay with our service.

What do we do to ensure Page 1 rankings?

Having a game plan works and this formula we use has never failed. Research, Initiate and lastly Track. in short, R.I.T.


We use a variety of tools to research on various factors essential for your ranking success.

  • research on current website if any.
  • Keywords suitable for your niche
  • competitors

This portion is completely free to you and we make sure to explain everything is happening so that you do not get left in the dark.


Once we have given you our research, we will present you with the estimate ranking period and the pricing. Pricing is always subjected to various factors:

  • Has your competitor been doing SEO for their site. And how well has their site been optimised
  • Our estimate on effort needed to rank your site to page 1
  • size of your website

If you are satisfied with the quotation and made payment, we’ll then proceed to rank your website.


We believe that any work is useless if we do not employ the proper methods to track the results. We will track the results on a monthly basis and provide you with a report on what has been done as well as the amount of visitor increase from each month. This way you can tell whether your ranking has improved and also what each visitor is doing on your site.