Why Websites Aren't Enough

Why Having Just a Website is not Enough

Websites have long been regarded as an essential tool for business owners to broadcast their service or products on the world wide web. However, as we progress into the 21st century. Some might feel that just having a website is just not enough to get more online leads or conversions. Follow us as we uncover why this is getting more apparent in 2018 and beyond.

The Inception of Websites

The first website was launched in 1991 and was just made up of text informing everyone what the World Wide Web(www) was. Since then, the website has evolved to even form content management systems, e-commerce stores and even engines to hold and display data and information. We have truly come a long way. Early adopters of these technologies reaped the most benefit especially when they developed their business model and website right. Take for instance Yahoo which had the search engine dominance before Google can into inception and Amazon which used to solely sell books and now in 2018, sell almost anything from toiletries, games and even makeup products.

How many Businesses own Websites in Singapore?

Singapore boasts one of the largest percentages of internet users across the entire population with nearly 2 of 3 Singaporeans having access to the internet. From a research from Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009, It validates that 80% of Singaporeans have shopped online and are one of the highest spenders in Asia. Imagine the number in 2018. However, it is quite sad to say that less than 60% of businesses in the ACRA database even has a website. There is still a large chunk of businesses that still rely on brick and mortar methods to market their products and services. Websites are essential because they elevate the status of your business and improves the overall image that your business might bring.

Why Websites are not Enough

Just having a website used to be sufficient to generate more leads in the early 2010s. However, with Instagram and Facebook added to the foray, businesses must now adapt and add that into their repertoire. Social media platforms bring a great avenue of social discussion about your product and service which can greatly elevate the reputation of your service or products. Many businesses solely rely on Facebook and Instagram through their social media marketing advertising arm to bring news firsthand to their loyal customers and building your Facebook page and Instagram will reap benefits in a long run with constant engagement. Using other products such as Google my Business is also a great way to list and find businesses on Google Maps.

Google my Business

Spreading your Eggs Across Different Baskets

life 101 tells you never to place all your eggs in a single basket, whether it is dealing with stocks, having additional income streams. Websites are the same. You should never just use websites but rather a 360-degree approach in your online marketing methods. This is why Proximacy addresses all our clients in the same manner. We take the time to look at your business, see where you are lacking in terms of online presence and then recommend you a total approach to address these loopholes. If you are looking to increase your web prescene to exponentially, do contact us and we will be more than willing to have a chat first to find out what your business really needs.

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