How to Optimise your adwords Campaign

Most businesses that have a website on Google know nothing about search engine optimisation nor Google AdWords Pay per click. Most are afraid to go into these marketing methods due to the fear of cost involved. Thinking about paying for every click does sound expensive. However, unbeknownst to many, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most effective, cheapest and tracking form of marketing in the world. When you compare to other forms of marketing such as traditional methods like TV and print. You might be able to reach more audience but the audience you reach is not targeted and also untrackable.

The difference between these traditional methods and SEM is that you only get clicks from people searching for the particular term you specify and you can track how the visitor navigates through your website.

Further below are some steps to optimise your campaign to achieve better leads.

Making Sure you have the Correct Keywords

Keywords are basically phrases that you put into Google Adwords that will trigger your ad copy when a visitor types that phrase. As such, it is important to add suitable keywords that have some sort of relation to your product and service. Adding negative keywords is also essential so that your ad does not appear when the visitor is not searching for your product. Adding negative keywords such as “free” “trial” or “guide” is a good way to prevent your ad from triggering from visitors looking for a free product or service.

Choosing a geographic location you want to target

demographics for adwords

targeting the country you want to advertise is essential to target the right audience. You can adjust settings such as the country to target, timing for the ad to appear as well as the demographics of your potential visitors. For example, if you are a real-estate agent, you probably only want to target individuals who are of age as well as the parental status. This will allow you to get more relevant clicks for less of your money

Targeting Long-Tailed Keywords

Long-tailed keywords are keywords that are more precise by nature. Such keywords tend to perform much better because they tend to be buying keywords that visitors will use to purchase their products and service. For example, a visitor is looking for general information about cleaning services will probably search with the following terms: “cleaning services available” while a visitor who already knows the specific service they want will likely search for “bathroom disinfection cleaning”. With this method, you are likely to spend less money yet get a high engagement and conversation.

long tail targeting

Setting a Daily Budget you can Afford

Before you set your campaign, it is important to set a monthly budget you want to set aside for the campaign. This amount should be based on the estimated cost per click and a number of clicks you want to achieve on a daily basis. Further customisation includes spreading out the timing which the ad will appear or choosing certain time periods can better help you achieve better targeting.


These are some of the basic settings you can use to optimise your Adwords campaign. If you would like to find out more about other services we provide, you can take a look at our Adwords services or even other methods such as social media marketing or search engine optimisation services.


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