What happens if you purchase a domain wrongly on GoDaddy?

Congrats if you have just purchased a domain, this means taking the first step to get your website on the internet (before website development)

But what happens if you have purchased a domain wrongly?

In my case today when we were planning for a new website i have accidentally purchase a wrong domain!

In this case i have purchased carbikeplate.com instead of carbikeplates.com therefore what i did immediately and i will be sharing with you would be the following.

  1. Call GoDaddy Hotline 6349-4240 Immediately
  2. Verify with your customer no. and your pin (which can be found on the profile)
  3. They would be able to block out the domain you are interested in, in my case (carbikeplates) and proceed to purchase for you with the refund credits.

Wala , you have now save your money from having a redundant domain.

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