1-3-5 Productivity Rule

It is not uncommon for new business owners to be full of drive and enthusiasm. However, when the adrenaline dies down, it is important to stay focused and get work done. The worst thing for any business is to stay stagnant.  The 1-3-5 productivity rule in this case helps you to remain on track and set new objectives constantly to improve your business.

one big task, 3 medium tasks and 5 easy tasks

1 big task

the 1 of the 1-3-5 refers to one big task that you should undertake within a day. This is dependant on how much time in a day. The task should take about 2-3 hours in total and should be focused on an idea, doing onsite search engine optimisation or developing an idea for your business. If your idea is complicated, you can also use the 3-5 to complement your big idea.

3 intermediate tasks

3 intermediate tasks can be separate to the 1 big task or can be complementary in nature. This 3 intermediate task can be things such as adding new articles to your blog, improving on current processes or even deliverables such as quotations or site visits.

5 easy tasks

The reason behind the 5 easy task is to spur you to complete more. Research has shown that individuals that have a to-do-list tends to feel more accomplished and tend to be more motivated to do more. These 5 easy tasks accomplishes that. These 5 easy task can be things such as invoicing clients, calling up leads, or replying to your emails.


Of course, this is just a guide that you can follow. Feel free to use more than the 5 easy tasks if you have the time. If you have lesser time in a day, you can also reduce it to 3 easy tasks or even just one intermediate task. The idea is to prioritise your time so that you can be productive doing the things you have in your list. As a general rule, make it a habit to write your list at the end of the day before going to bed. Take 10 minutes to think about what you have to do and pen it down. This prevents you from wasting time trying to think the next day.


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