Proximacy Business Conference 2022:
Building A Go-to-Market Strategy Through Data & Analytics

Synopsis: Gain exclusive insights on business issues, solutions and megatrends shaping the global market and ecosystem today from our esteemed speakers in these interactive sessions.

Session 1 Overview:

With digital transformation, heightening competition, and an increasingly complex market landscape (made worse with the pandemic), having near real-time insights matters. From marketing to HR, various functions are creating analyst functions within the department. In addition, line of business (LoB) requires the right tools and knowledge (not just another dashboard) to maximize data-driven insights. Essentially, analytics is becoming democratized.

Session 2 Overview:

Level I: Mastering the analysis of out-of-the-box reports in Google Analytics. Installing Google Analytics Tracking code on your website, using the data layer in Google Tag Manager. We shall learn about basic concepts such as bounce rate, users vs sessions, audience, and channels. 

Level II: Customizing Google Analytics to capture 5X more data and take intelligent decisions regarding your website and traffic.

Level III: Make business decisions using Google Analytics and how Google Analytics works behind the scenes. Learning to use Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio to capture and visualize almost any data that you may need to boost marketing performance.

Tentative Dates:

Session 1: 7 Jan 10:00AM – 2:30PM
Session 2: 14 Jan 10:00AM – 2:30PM

54 Maude Road #02-04 S(208346)